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The Dogger and Rigger licences are a good starting point for persons that would like to enter the construction or mining industry.

The Dogger licence is the entry licence of the  four (4) Rigger licenses and a pre-requisite for the Basic Rigger licence.

Basic Rigging licence holders are able to obtain the Intermediate Rigger licence and the Intermediate Rigger licence allows to obtain the fourth and last licence the Advanced Rigger licence.Rigging and Dogging courses or dogging & rigging courses. We do both


Available courses


How to obtain a licence:

From 1 July 2012, High Risk Work licence applicants are required to

complete the “Licence to” assessment by Workplace Health and Safety

accredited assessors, separately from the training.

  1. Formal training to be undertaken with an RTO.
  2. Logbook and training plan to be completed and signed off by a licensed supervisor.
  3. Mandatory theory and practical assessment.
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